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Performance Opportunities

RECITAL: All dancers (with the exception of ballet technique, tumbling/acro and pre-dance classes) perform in our annual recital. We have a morning, matinee and evening performance at the Cannon Center for the Performing Arts. Held in June, this exciting and elaborate show demonstrates your child’s progress. Participation is optional, but strongly encouraged. The number of dances your child performs varies with the amount of instruction per week. 45 minute/1-hour single style classes perform 1 dance. 1-hour combination classes perform 2 dances (purchasing 1 costume with various parts to it). Classes meeting for 1 1/2 hours perform 2 or 3 dances. Classes meeting for 2 hours perform 3-4 dances, including the company ballet. Senior company perform 4 dances. A recital fee ($75 as of 2017) is charged in March to pay for scenery, programs, auditorium rental, etc. No admission is charged, no tickets are required to be sold and there is no limit on number of invitees. Costume cost are kept reasonable. (Estimates given in November, exact charges in December, and due in January) Company members (Seniors, Juniors, and Juniorettes) will pay a portion each month of total costume and competition fees.

Bartlett Christmas Parade: Seniors, Juniors, Juniorettes, Pre-Company, and Level 6 class members dance down the street while younger children are invited to walk or ride in wagons. We wear our studio sweatshirts each year in this December activity

Company Ballet: Students from our Pre-company classes, Juniorette Company, Junior Company, & Senior Company are cast in a mini-ballet (approx. 30-40 minutes total) to be performed during the recital. Students learn to act while they are dancing and get the experience of working together to tell a story.

Competition Premiere Showcase: Kicking off the spring competition season, our competitive team showcases their competition dances to friends, family and the D.A.B family.

Competitions: See Company and Competition Info.