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Prices and Discounts


Registration Fee $35
45 Min. Class $58 Monthly
1 hour class (per week) $68 Monthly
1 1/2 hour class (per week) $80 Monthly
2 hour company class (per week) $100 Monthly
2 1/4 hour company class (per week) $105 Monthly

To calculate prices, begin with your longest class under “Standard Prices”, add additional class fees according to “Multi-Class” prices.

MULTI CLASSES (per week by the same student):
2nd class $35 Monthly
3rd class4th class or more $30 Monthly$25 per class Monthly

For Siblings, begin with the student with the longest class and calculate as above, then go to the next student and begin with “Family Prices”. If that student has more than one class add the prices from “Multi-Classes”. To receive our family discounts, children must be siblings living under the same roof with the same financially responsible party.

Registration Fee $10 Per add. child
1st child above rates
2nd child $50 Monthly
3rd child4th child $45 Monthly (first class)$40 Monthly (first class)



$15/Class OR $120 for a 10-class transferable card

SPECIAL RATE: August thru Oct. 31: $12/Class OR $100 for a 10-class transferable card

"I couldn’t imagine our kids dancing anywhere else. The kids learn a lot and have made many good friends along the way. The DAB offers a place for kids who love dance to be themselves. I have heard the owner say more than once that the studio should feel like home for the dancers…. The studio almost always wins the sportsmanship award at competititons, which says a lot about the teachers and all of the students. The teachers encourage the kids to not only strive to be their best, but to cheer on all the other studios as well. I believe that the teachers always look out for the best interest of the children. I like that there are regulations in place that are plainly explained to me so I always know what to expect. There is always someone ready and willing to answer any questions I might have. I highly recommend The Dance Academy of Bartlett to anyone."