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Competition Groups

In addition to the company class’ participation in competitions, those in the company levels may be in additional group dances for competitions only. Younger students not yet in the company classes may also apply. Dedication, commitment, attendance and attitude will be factors, not just ability. If you don’t want to be cast in your level’s maximum number, you may say so. Casts will be announced in early fall.

Remember this is stricter than regular class. It is for those more interested in competitions. If you do not come to rehearsal, you may not do the part of the dance we work on that day (even if sick. We are working on a tight schedule). You cannot expect to be cast in all dances. Try not to get upset if you are not. These dances will be cast to do well in competitions and not everyone is good at all styles of dance (even good dancers). Also, sometimes we cast according to ages, looks, personality, what the individual can handle (especially if in a new level this year), etc.

Juniorettes and non-company dancers will do a maximum of 1 dance. Juniors will do a maximum of 2 additional dances. Seniors will do a maximum of three additional dances. Company members will attend a weekly competition class. Company choreography will be taught on weekends in one to three long sessions. As dances are learned they will begin to be polished during competition class. Younger competition groups (not company levels) will rehearse in 30 minute weekly increments in the fall then again in January through the last competition. We will have several guest chroeographers for these dances. These dances will be performed at three competitions in the spring, and our Competition Premier Showcase. They will not be included in the recital. Cost will be a monthly payment that will include tuition, costume and competition fees.

Note: Any competition group member who does not attend a competition for any reason other than injury or extreme illness will NOT be choroegraphed back into the dance for any additional performances this year.