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Competition Rules

These rules are to be followed by all dancers with The Dance Academy of Bartlett attending competitions. Other studios may or may not follow similar rules. Don’t let that influence you.

  • Bring me a copy of your birth certificate if this is the first time you have gone to a competition with us. I must be able to prove ages if we are questioned. If you have been with us before, I have it from last year.
  • You must be signed in on our poster 2 hours before your scheduled performance time or you will be charged a $25 late fee (that will be put toward our scholarhsip students). If you are scheduled within the first hour of the day, be there 1 hour before the competition begins. You will receive a schedule about 1 week before each competition (when I get it).
  • Wear required makeup in the way specified. (See Youtube video.)
  • Wear hair in the required style for your dance. (See Youtube video.)
  • No nail polish (fingers or toes).
  • No jewelry (including earrings) (unless it is part of your costume).
  • No panties, including thongs. Older girls please wear bras, making sure they are completely covered by costume, by safety pinning if necessary. We recommend getting a flesh colored convertible bra that has straps that may be placed in many different places or be strapless, so you don’t have to have several bras to go under several costumes. They also come with clear straps these days, or you can buy the clear straps separately and replace the existing straps with them. Even clear straps must be under costume straps so they match the line of the costume. Those wearing flesh colored leotards under costumes┬ámay not show the edges of the leotard. Safety pin under costumes.
  • Bobbi pin all headpieces even if you think it’s not necessary, USING LOTS OF BOBBI PINS. There is no excuse for a headpiece falling out.
  • Cover your costumes when you are in the audience or anywhere other than the dressing room. If you have a studio jacket, wear it. Not only is it a good cover up, but it helps us find each other also.
  • Be in costume or DAB spiritwear at the awards ceremony.
  • Do not eat or drink in costume. Please cover it up. Most costumes are not washable.
  • Personal hygiene: Those old enough to shave should (under arms, legs, bikini area if necessary). If you have underarm hair, you are old enough to shave it off. Use deodorant that will not come off on your costume.
  • Do not walk in the audience during a performance. Move between dances! See audience rules.
  • If you win an award during a solo, it is yours to keep. If you win an award with a duet or trio and wish to split the cost of a second and/or third award (they will often be for sale for winners only and you can only buy the award you won), I will give you the originial award. If duet/trios do not buy additional awards, the original award will be kept at the studio ( bring a picture and I will display it with the award). If you win with a group and wish to buy yourself an award you may, but the winning award will be kept at the studio.

Tips for Competition:

  • Bring snacks and money for food. There will be souvenirs available for purchase if you wish.
  • Bring emergency supplies like extra tights, needle and thread, clear nail polish for last minute runs, lots of safety pins, and bobbi pins.
  • If you forget something or have a problem, tell me, I often have extra stuff with me.

Your attitude and behavior to others is very important to me. I expect you to represent the studio and yourself with respect. Compliment other studios’ dancers and meet new people. If they do not respond nicely, just let it go. Don’t be nasty back. Also, it goes without saying that you should support your classmates and big/little sister or brother. Competition is not the time to bicker with each other. You should come together as a united group. Remember also that if you feel good about how you performed, that should be what counts. The judges are just people with opinions, good days and bad days, likes and dislikes. So of course it’s great if we win something and you should feel proud, but if you don’t you should think “Oh, well… another day maybe…” and not get so upset about what others (the judges) think. Enjoy the entire experience. Don’t save your happiness until you get a trophy.

Audience behavior: No video cameras and no pictures while on stage dancing. They are usually okay at the awards ceremonies. No moving around while someone is dancing. Wait until between dances. This is common courtesy to the performers. They worked hard on their dance and deserve the respect of no one blatantly ignoring them. This will be difficult to remember, but please try. Students and their guests should also applaud others (believe it or not some studios don’t applaud for others). Some competitions charge an admission fee for the audience.