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Fundraising Programs

Company and competitors are given the opportunity to participate in several fundraisers throughout the year. Each one has a chairperson parent to run it. Participation is not required, however, money earned is not split equally among the dancers. Only those who participate earn a percentage of what they actually bring in. Each dancer has an accounting sheet that we add funds to according to what you individually earn for each fundraiser. Money can be spent on competition fees and/or travel (convention fees, hotel, and other related costs) by filling out an account transfer sheet. It can also be used on tuition, costumes, or other studio costs. It can be carried over to the next year, however, if not returning to our studio, your funds are forfeited. We have a planning meeting each fall to schedule the year and determine which fundraisers we will do.

We try not to repeat what area schools have done and do a variety of sales and services. Fundraisers we have done (and may repeat) include:

  • Silent Auction
  • Candles
  • Mixed Bags
  • Avon
  • Live Greenery (Christmas wreaths, etc.)
  • Premier Jewelry
  • Costume Sale
  • Pampered Chef
  • Candy Sales (goes to scholarship)
  • Parents Night Out (via children’s Glow Party)
  • Program Advertising
  • Local Gourmet Popcorn, Coffee, and Dog Treats