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Competitiors Spring Schedule



Get out your calendar and mark these dates. . .

All Competition groups and Seniors, Juniors and Juniorettes will be participating in the following events. Please remember that you were given the class expectations upon beginning classes. These events were all listed and you are expected to participate.

Please keep attendance exceptional throughout competition season and The Wonka Ballet rehearsals.

Bad Weather Days: When Bartlett City Schools are closed, the studio is closed. Saturday classes, please check Facebook or call the studio. Company classes often WILL be held regardless (sometimes moved earlier). Call the studio for confirmation.

*Sun., Feb. 4: Competition Showcase at Bartlett Performing Arts Center, 2:00p: All competition groups will be performing and all solos, duets, etc. are strongly encouraged to sign up to perform in hair and makeup in front of an audience for the first time. We will get some “judges” to give us some comments. Solos $40, Duets $30 ea, Trios $25 ea, Quartets $20 ea. Register at desk by Jan 25.

*Rhinestones: If your solo, duet, etc costume needs stoning, please see Mrs. Tracy to set up an appointment. If you want to order colored stones, you must order by the gross by Dec. 14 by looking at the color chart at the desk. Cost is $20/gross for most colors. The crystal stones we normally use are 22 cents each. You do not need to pre-order these but let us know so we can have enough on hand (and make an appointment). If your group costume needs it, we will do that without you.

*Makeup: Remember that you will all need the required makeup before your first performance. Please purchase the make up kit at the desk. The company kits are $85 and they include 5 sets of eyelashes. Non-company kits will be $70 as they do not need eyelashes (if you need only certain pieces you may order individually, order by Dec. 14, see desk for pricing). There is a video on YouTube at (or email me, and I’ll send you the link) demonstrating how to apply the make up. Please purchase the make up in advance so you have time to watch and practice application of the make up before your first performance if this is new to you.

*Hair: Remember that you will also have a required hair style. The will be specified on your costume directions to be passed out before each performance. Most will be a bun at the crown of the head. There is a video on YouTube at (or email me, and I’ll send you the link) demonstrating how to do the hair. Please practice before your first performance if this is new to you.


To register a private dance for competition you must sign up on the envelope at the desk, sign a form if required, and pay by the deadline. Deadlines are absolute. Remember that classes and non-private competition groups have already paid your competition fees although you may need to sign a form so please check. Please have all other fees paid when registering for competition. Remember all private dance costumes should be paid for before you receive them. Entry fees can be paid by a check written to studio, cash, credit card, or fundraising account voucher (you must fill out this form and not assume I know you want to do this) and placed in the envelopes at the desk. DO NOT include entry fees with other payments to studio. This must be done for every private dance you are entering. Please keep up with deadlines.

Our exact schedules are not set until after we register. They send them to us about 1 week prior to performing, so be prepared to attend any time during the schedule weekends.

If you are not competing and would like to come watch, you are welcome to. Please remember to support your big/little sister/brother by trying to come earlier than your performance or stay later to watch them. Ask them if they need help, or have questions, etc.

A word about competitions . . . While I do not place emphasis on the outcome of contests, I do feel they can be a positive influence. They teach the kids to work hard and strive for a goal (of doing their best), encourage teamwork (relying on others and doing their part to hold up the team), promote unity and team spirit, give a sense of accomplishment, and expose the students to other styles and dancers. The contests I have chosen promote a positive atmosphere by giving many awards, having qualified judges, dividing into small categories (so you are competing in a small age division with one style of dance), and giving positive feedback (score sheets with comments and not just numbers). I also talk to the kids about how to represent the studio. I want them to compliment other dancers and meet people, not turn their heads away and insult others.  If their friendliness is not reciprocated, then they are to ignore negative reactions and not add to them. They are told also if they do not agree with the judges, that they are only people with opinions. Our goal is to do our best. I do not want any crying over the results of a competition.  A child’s self-worth should not rely on someone else’s opinion of them (this includes dance ability). Please back me up on this at home and at competitions with your reactions. If you wish to get a commemorative trophy, please do not get one for every competition regardless of outcome. This teaches the kids that the trophy is so important to you that you’ll buy them one no matter what. Get them one to represent the year. Take pictures, buy souvenirs, and other things to remember the experience. Thanks.

Competitions Spring 2018

Name of CompetitionDeadline to RegisterFees per dancerWho's AttendingAdditional NotesLocationPerformance Date
Competition Premiere ShowcaseThurs., Jan. 25, 2018Solos $40
Duets $30
Trios $25
Quartets $20
All competition groups and all solos, duets, etc. are strongly encouraged.Tickets go on sale in January. Bartlett Performing Arts and Conference CenterSun., Feb. 4, 2018
Star QuestThurs., Dec. 14, 2017Solos $115
Duets $75 Trios $52
All competition groups and any solos, duets, trios etc. that register.Little Rock, ARFeb. 16-18, 2018
ShowstoppersThurs., Jan. 18, 2018Solos $134
Duets $67
Trios $67
Any solos, duets, trios etc. that register.Cook Convention Center/Cannon CenterFeb. 23-25, 2018
RainbowThurs., Feb. 1 2018Solos $114
Duets $54
Trios $54
Two Junior class dances, two Senior class dances, Production, all competition groups and any solos, duets, trios etc. that register.West Memphis Civic AuditoriumMar. 23-25, 2018
Beyond the StarsThurs., Feb. 15Solos $105
Duets $58
Trios $55
Two Juniorette class dances, two Junior class dances, three Senior class dances, Production, all competition groups and any solos, duets, trios etc. that register.ALL Parent Signatures NeededWest Memphis Civic AuditoriumApril 6-8, 2018

*****NOTE: We usually try to go out to eat for dinner once altogether during competition weekends. I’d like to officially plan a place to go and get reservations. We should put up a sign up sheet for those that want to go, then once we get our competition schedule, we can call the restaurant with a time, then let everyone know when and where.

Other Spring Reminders

*Willy Wonka rehearsals – Schedule TBA. Usually during regular class times. Company and Pre-Company perform in the ballet. Seniors will begin learning choreography in the Wednesday Advanced Ballet class in March, and add Mondays in April.

*Studio rehearsals (very close to mandatory) – during the 2-3 weeks prior to the recital – TBA

*Stage rehearsals (mandatory) – Thurs., May 31, and Fri., June 1 (daytime AND evening)

****RECITAL****  Sat., June 2, 10:30am, 2:30pm and 7:00pm (not for comp groups except for our most advanced young comp group, Mini Comp 3) Sr. Company performs class dances in all shows, Junior and Juniorette Companies perform class dances in two shows and the ballet in all three shows. Pre-Company performs the ballet in all three shows and, jazz & tap class dances in only one. All other classes see handbook or poster in lobby for which show your class dances are in.


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