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Competitors – Let’s get ready!

Let’s get ready to compete!

Competitor Spring Meeting: Mon. Jan. 22nd at 7:30, Mandatory for all Minis, New Competitors and New Company.

  • Have you brought a birth certificate copy to me, yet? If you have never competed with DAB, I need it soon.
  • Do you have your required makeup? Makeup will be ready for pickup at the desk very soon. Those on automatic withdrawal will have any makeup kits not already paid for added to their February tuition withdrawal.
  • Hair and Makeup video links: (if you have trouble accessing the videos, email Tracy or Amanda and we will send you a link)

Competition Makeup:

Competition Hair:

  • Do you have all required tights and shoes in the right colors? (Solo’s etc. please check with your teacher.)

Note: Do NOT wear stirrup tights in place of convertible tights or visa versa! Therefore some may need to have stirrup and convertible tights. If your solo/duet/trio is wearing paws, you must wear stirrup tights.

DanceClassShoes RequiredTights Required
Do You Wanna Build a SnowmanMini 1White Ballet ShoesBloch White Tights
LollipopMini 2White Tap ShoesBloch Light Tan Tights
Dancin’ in the StreetMini 3Bloch Tan 495 jazz shoesBloch Light Tan Tights
DaylightCo. Tap GroupBloch Tan 389 slip on tap shoesBloch Light Tan Tights
FlawsCo. Contp. GroupDance Paws lyrical half sole shoesBloch Light Tan Stirrup Tights
DreamettesCo. Jazz GroupBloch tan 495 jazz shoes Bloch Light Tan Tights
Paint it BlackCo. Acro Groupbare feetBloch Light Tan Stirrup Tights
Addam's FamileyCo. Char. GroupIndividual ShoesIndividual Shoes
Hold UpSenior Class Jazz Black slip on jazz shoesblack fishnets (provided) (over Bloch Light Tan Convertible Tights)
I Wanna Dance With SomebodySenior Class Lyrical Bloch tan 495 jazz shoesBloch Light Tan Tights
Short Skirt, Long JacketSenior Tap ClassBloch tan 389 slip-on tap shoesBloch Light Tan Tights
Mrs. Celie's PantsJunior Class JazzBloch tan 495 jazz shoesBloch Light Tan Tights
Earth, Wind and FireJunior Class TapBloch tan 389 slip-on tap shoesBloch Light Tan Tights
Devil with a Blue DressJuniorette Class JazzBloch tan 495 jazz shoesBloch Light Tan Tights
Saturday Night Fish FryJuniorette Class TapBloch tan 389 slip-on tap shoesBloch Light Tan Tights
FosseProductionBloch tan 495 jazz shoes
& some Bloch tan 389 slip-on tap shoes
Bloch Light Tan Tights
  • Solos, etc: Pay and sign up for:

Showcase by Jan. 25th

Showstopper by Jan. 18th

Rainbow by Feb. 1st

Beyond the Stars by Feb. 15th

  • Read over competition rules in the handbook and follow them.
  • Schedule will arrive the week of competition. We usually eat out after competitions if it‘s not too late. I’ll try to put it on the schedule. We also try to have a sign up list on the bulletin board so we can let the restaurant know how many are coming.
  • No absences are acceptable unless you are sick AND contagious. We have too much work to do.
  • From now through recital…

*No cutting hair off short (must get in bun)

*No piercing ears (or other body parts) as all jewelry must be removed for performances.

*No jumping on trampolines. Casts do not make for good costume accessories. Your group is counting on you!

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