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January Updates

Happy Winter, everyone! Just a few notes to keep you informed…

Scholarship costume collection: Thank you so much to everyone who donated. If you forgot to donate and would still like to, you still can. Just write at the bottom of your check (or tell the receptionist if you are paying with cash or credit card) “scholarship”. If including it with other payments, tell us how much you are designating to the scholarship kids.

Parking Lot: Please do not wait in the driving areas of the parking lot. There are plenty of spaces and others are having trouble getting stuck behind waiting cars. All younger children (this includes Kids Hop and Level 5.5 and younger) should be picked up inside the studio and their parents need to be able to get in (as well as our assistants).

Upcoming studio closings: We will be closed for Spring Break March 12th – Saturday, March 18th and Saturday, April 31st for Easter weekend. We will be OPEN the first weekend of Spring Break (March 10th). We are open for all teacher workdays, etc. If the Bartlett City Schools are out for bad weather, we will be closed also. Company (Seniors, Juniors and Juniorettes) classes are often held anyways if the snow melts/weather clears so be prepared to come. Saturday classes, please call if unsure.

A note about teachers/subs: While we believe consistency in your child’s teacher(s) is important, we also believe there is an advantage to teachers that are still performing in their art. For that reason and others, your child may occasionally have a sub. When this happens, we assure you they are qualified experienced teachers. We have a few student teachers that may sub as well. They have passed exams at our studio as well as with the Southern Association of Dance Masters and have assisted our classes for multiple years.

Our annual Competition Premiere Showcase will be held Sun. Feb. 4th, 2:00pm at Bartlett Performing Arts Center. Join us for a performance by our competitive dancers (including your children’s class assistants). There will be a fundraising Silent Auction as well so bring your check books. $8 admission. TICKETS ON SALE NOW!

            Neon Dance Glow Party! Look for info coming soon on this fun filled event (great for parents’ night out) on Sat., Mar. 3rd, 6:30pm-9:30pm.

Recital date: Sat., June 2nd. Stage rehearsals: Thurs., May 31 and Fri., June 1. Pre-Company, Juniorettes, Juniors and Seniors will attend Friday morning in addition to Thurs. and Fri. afternoon/evening. Level 1/2 will be scheduled for one day (Thurs. or Fri.). All others will attend both Thurs. and Fri. afternoon/evening.

Ads for our recital program will be sold soon. Start thinking about wishing your dancer “Good Luck” or advertising your business to over 350 Bartlett area families. More information to follow.

Recital Fee: Remember if you are on automatic credit card payments, your $80 recital fee will be charged with your March tuition. Others must pay by March 24th.

Mrs. Tracy, Ms. Amanda, Ms. Danielle, Mrs. Kim, Ms. Christina, Ms. Anwen, Mr. Shamar, Ms. Evelyn, Mrs. Brandi, and Ms. Rachael thank everyone for all the thoughtful Christmas presents you sent. In all the hubbub, it is hard to thank everyone in person.

Pre-Company and Competitive students:

  • Those on automatic withdrawal will have any required makeup kits not already paid for added to their February tuition withdrawal.

Competitive students:

  • Competitor Spring Meeting: Jan. 22nd at 7:30, Mandatory for all Minis, New Competitors and New Company.
  • If you did not yet get a phone list, we have more. Ask at the desk. Everyone needs one to bring to competitions.
  • I need birth certificates from all new competitors.
  • Check out your new website section for “competitors” on the right side bar under “News and Events.” Also check out the “calendar” for reminders. And read your weekly emails!
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