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Christmas Parade 2017

Bartlett Christmas Parade

Sat. Dec. 2 2017

Our Seniors, Juniors, Juniorettes, Pre-Company, Wed. 4:30-6:00 and Sat. 1:30 level 6 classes will be dancing down the street. You do not need to sign up, as we are expecting everyone to participate as part of your class. All other students are invited to join us if you wish. All children under age 6 may sign up to ride our float for a $5 fee to help pay for the decorations. Only the first 30 will be accepted. Other students (age 6+ that are not yet in the classes that dance in the parade) may walk with us. All float riders, and walkers need to sign up on the bulletin board. We will also need a few adult chaperones (in studio hoodies – parade rules). All participants will need to wear a studio logo’d lime green hoodie (including parents). If you already have one from last year, make sure it still fits. The week before the parade, we will need some parents and older students to decorate the float. IF ANYONE HAS A TRAILER WE COULD BORROW, PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP.

Parade Rehearsal:

(Srs, Jrs, Jrettes, Pre-Company, Wed. 4:30 and Sat. 1:30 level 6 classes)

We will be having a rehearsal to practice our parade dances on Tuesday, Nov. 28, 5:30 – 6:30. It is important that we all try to be there, however, if you cannot make it you can still participate in the parade. This will be for dancers only (walkers, chaperones, and float riders do NOT come to rehearsal). We will be practicing outside so wear tennis shoes and stretchable warm clothes over your dance clothes if you have class that day. Dancers that have their regular class time on Tuesdays will come to their class and overlap it with rehearsal.

Decorations Committee:

The float will be at the studio the Thursday (4:30-7:30ish) before the parade. We need people to help decorate the float. Please sign up on the bulletin board so we know how many to expect. Company can help before Production rehearsal. We already have a committee chair but she needs your hands to help assemble.

Parade Day: Saturday, December 2 . . .


Give yourself plenty of time because traffic will be difficult that day. Stage Road will be blocked off between Elmore Park and Bartlett Blvd. at 2:30. The parade route (west of Elmore Park) will be open until 3:30. If you are coming from the west on Stage, go North on Bartlett Blvd, right on Yale, right on Elmore Park to enter our parking lot by Bargain Hunt. You may want to (or have to) take Covington Pike north to Yale, go right on Yale, then right on Elmore Park to our lot. If coming from the east, you should be able to take Stage to turn into the studio lot by Exlines Pizza. THE PARADE will begin at 4:00, but we must be lined up before that so please do not wait to show up. I do not know our number yet, but if you ask that week, we should know.


PICK UP after performing (do not wait until parade is completely over but when WE are done).

  • Dancers/walkers should be picked up next to Bartlett High School at the end of Shelby and
  • Float riders will be in the Bartlett High School parking lot by the football fields (if we are not allowed to stop there, we will be on Blackwell Street).

BE AWARE THAT CARS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN TO THE DANCER/WALKER PICK UP LOCATION AND YOU WILL NEED TO WALK TO MEET US AFTER WATCHING THE PARADE. No one may leave the group until we are through the parade. I must be able to keep up with the children.


You may put as much under the below as you wish, but you may not cover it up with coats, etc. If it is very cold, don’t forget gloves, hats or scarves over the ears, 2 or 3 pairs of socks, in addition to layers of shirts, tights and pants. Remember, however, dancing will warm you up some. Ears, hands and feet are the most important to cover.

Dancers, Walkers and chaperones MUST wear:

  • studio sweatshirt (lime green style hoodie)
  • black pants (DAB sweatpants with lime DAB lettering on leg is fine, no other decoration just plain black)
  • tennis shoes
  • And Srs. bring bobbi pins and your own Santa hat

Float riders wear. . . (must be signed up):

  • Same as above except…
    • Pants and Shoes can be any kind
    • You may want a blanket for legs



WHEN NOT TO COME. . . If the high for the day is 32 or lower according to The Commercial Appeal Newspaper, we will not participate for safety and health reasons. I’m sorry, but the sweatshirts will not be refundable. I feel this is a reasonable choice to prevent frostbite, illnesses, etc. The same sweatshirts will be worn every year in the parade. If storming, we will not participate. If sprinkling or off and on, we will participate (unless very cold also). If not sure, call the studio at 385-2228. The parade may be cancelled due to weather as well (there is no rain date this year). We will post on our Facebook page if the parade is cancelled.

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