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Picture Day 2016

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Arrangements have been made to have a professional photographer at the dance studio to have dancers’ pictures made in costume. Your classes have been assigned times for picture taking. Individual pictures and the group picture will be taken at this time. Wear the costume you wish to have your individual picture in first, if it is different than the specified group costume (unless you are running late, then wear class costume). If you do not wish to have an individual picture taken, please come and join the group picture anyway. You are not obligated to purchase the group picture, however if you take an individual picture you are obligated to purchase it. Fees will be payable when you come to have your pictures made. The fee includes postage and tax. Your pictures will be mailed to your home in about 5 weeks. Checks should be made payable to “The Picture Man”. No credit cards accepted. If you cannot attend during your assigned time, you may come anytime between 9:30 and 12:00 or between 2:00 and 7:00pm for an individual picture and we will work you in. You may NOT take pictures with your own camera!!!
NOTE: The classes dancing in the Peter Pan Ballet will have a large group picture made at the recital. Only ballet soloists may have an individual picture made at the Recital photo shoot.
Packages for individual or group pictures include:
A 2 – 5X7’s & 4 wallets for $24 (all one pose)
B 1 – 8X10 & 2 – 5X7’s & 4 wallets for $30 (all one pose)
 add 4 wallets for $6
 single 5X7 group picture for $10
 single 8X10 group picture for $15
 mounted 11×14 – color or black/white for $39 (savings of $20)
Extra fun add on options available (cell phone covers will be available plus posters, magazine covers, etc.) Come find out your creative choices!
All Prices include tax and shipping except cell phone cover and 11×14’s.


Your ClassYour Picture TimeWear this costume for group picture
Sat. 9:30 Level 1/29:30aBallet
Mon. 4:30 Level 3/49:45aTap
Mon. 6:30 Level 5.510:00aJazz
Mon. 5:30 Level 1/210:15aTap
Pre-Company Mon.10:40aJazz
Sat. 10:30 Level 3/411:00aJazz
Thurs. 6:00 Level 3/411:20aBallet
Wed. 5:00 Level 1/211:40aBallet
Thurs. 5:00 Level 512:00pJazz
Sat. 1:30 Level 612:15pJazz
Hip Hop 1 Mon. 5:302:15pHip Hop
Hip Hop 22:30pHip Hop
Kids Hop Tues. 5:302:45pHip Hop
Hip Hop 1 Tues. 4:303:00pHip Hop
Kids Hop Tues. 6:453:15pHip Hop
Wed. 6:00 Level 53:35pJazz
PreCompany Wed.3:50pTap
Sat. 11:30 Level 1/24:10pTap
Wed. 4:30 Level 64:35pTap
Thurs. 4:30 Level 3/44:55Tap
Thurs. 4:30 Level 1/25:15pBallet
Mon. 5:30 Level 3/45:40pTap
Thurs. 5:30 Level 4.56:00pTap
Mon. 4:30 Level 2.56:20pBallet
Wed. 7:00 Level 76:40pJazz
Juniorette Company7:00pJazz
Junior Company7:20Jazz
Senior Company7:40Total Eclipse
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