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Recital 2018 Info

Recital Info!!!!

Mark your calendars NOW!!

Our recital is the culmination of the year. Performance is part of what dance is all about and we give all our students the opportunity to perform in a “big time” venue, with all the perks. It is a very special time that all the kids work very hard to produce. Recitals are memories in the making. They don’t happen easily though and we need everyone to do their part to make it happen.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Our recital will be held at The Cannon Center for Performing Arts (part of the Cook Convention Center) at 10:30, 2:30 and 7:00pm. Remember, we have a lot of students and we cannot make everything perfect for everyone. Below is a list of which class is in which show as previously announced in your handbook.

Which Show 2018

10:30 Show2:30 Show7:00 Show
Mon. 5:30 Level 1/2Tues. 11:15 Level 1/2Tues. 4:30 Level 2.5
Wed. 5:00 Level 1/2Sat. 9:30 Level 1/2Sat. 11:30 Level 1/2
Mon. 4:30 Level 3/4Thurs. 4:30 Level 1/2Thurs. 6:30 Level 3/4
Thurs. 4:30 Level 3/4Thurs. 5:30 Level 3/4Sat. 10:30 Level 3/4
Mon. 6:30 Level 5.5Thurs. 5:30 Level 4.5Wed. 6:30 Level 5
Wed. 4:30 Level 6Thurs. 5:00 Level 5Wed. 7:30 Level 7
Tues. 5:30 Kids Hop Sat. 1:30 Level 6Tues. 6:45 Kids Hop
Tues. 4:30 Hip Hop 1Tues. 7:30 Hip Hop 1Thurs. 5:00 Hip Hop 2
Mon. 4:30 PreCoMon. 6:30 PreCoWed. 6:00 PreCo
Jrette Jazz/TapJrette Jazz/TapMini Comp 3
Sr Tap/both jazzesJr Jazz/TapJr. Jazz/Tap
ProductionSr Tap/both jazzesSr Tap/both jazzes
The Willy Wonka BalletProductionProduction
The Willy Wonka BalletThe Willy Wonka Ballet

Solos, Duets, and Trios will perform in one show only (only children in the Company may do a solo, duet, trio). Each child is only allowed one extra dance in the recital (the only exception to this is students that have been certified by SADM may perform a student choreography piece as well). A list of which private dances are in which show will be available in the spring.

There will be a $80 non-refundable performance fee charged per family due on or before March 24 (payable anytime starting now). This pays for the auditorium rental, programs, scenery, etc. There will be NO ADMISSION FEE. You may bring as many people as you wish (and please do, as this will be a very special show). Those on automatic credit card monthly charges will have their performance fee added to their March payment.


Mandatory Stage Rehearsals will be on Thursday, May 31, Friday, June 1 in the AM and Friday, June 1 in the PM (detailed schedule TBA). Levels 1 thru 2.5 classes attend only one assigned rehearsal (this will be either Thursday or Friday PM). Senior Company, Junior Company, Juniorette Company and Pre-Company must attend all THREE rehearsals. ALL others will be assigned two rehearsals, so mark your calendars now.


There is NO DRESS Rehearsal (wear regular leotard and tights but NOT costumes).

Younger students will not have to stay at rehearsals late, as I do not run the dances in order of the show. I will get them finished early. Even the oldest dancers will not be there past 9:30.

Studio rehearsals will also be held. I do not have everyone come at the same time, so you will receive a schedule in early spring as to days and times. None of these rehearsals will last past 9:00 (and even those will be for older children only). The more dances your child is in, the more rehearsals you can expect to attend.


Due: Mon. January 8

Costumes for the recital will be ordered in January. We will measure your child and allow for extra growth through the spring. These must be paid in full by Mon., January 8. Those on automatic credit card monthly charges will have their costume fee added to their January payment. If the costume fee is not paid in full by Mon., January 8, your child’s costume will NOT be ordered!

So that you can budget, here is what to expect. You may make a deposit and then pay the balance or pay in full but all balances must be paid by Mon., January 8.

Recital 2018 Costume Fees

Class LevelApprox. CostNumber of DancesNumber of Costumes (parts will change for additional dances)
Kids Hop7511
Hip Hop 1 and 29011

Company Dancers (Juniorettes, Juniors, and Seniors) have already been paying monthly deposits. You do not need to take further action. These costumes will be ordered in December. After they are ordered, you will be responsible for paying the balance whether you continue your enrollment at D.A.B. or not.

Note to competitive dancers: Private student (solos, duets, trios) costumes must be paid before you pick them up. Competition group costumes were included in your monthly payments.

Note to parents of younger dancers: Please be aware that while the older dancers perform many more dances in the recital, they are also attending classes many times more per week and dedicate themselves primarily to dance. They also have several dances not performed in the recital at all. Try not to get offended by this, but realize that if your child continues his/her dance training that someday, they will have more dances also. Actually, the ratio of hours per week dancing versus number of dances is actually better for you as many of them dance 6-8 hours per week, but only do 6-8 dances while many of your children dance 1 hour and get 2 dances.


(Information about all of the following will be in your recital folder distributed in the spring.)

  • We will have a professional photographer set up at the studio on a spring weekend. The teachers will be there posing the students so that you get a technically correct pose (and for costume questions). There will not be a photographer at the recital.
  • We will be selling ads for our program book. Your business can advertise to a large family audience or you can purchase a personal ad to wish your dancer “Good Luck”.
  • A professional videographer will be taping our recitals. You may order videos in the spring, at the stage rehearsals or at the shows. You will need to specify which show you want.
  • We will have recital t-shirts for sale in the spring that will have the theme on the front and a cast list of all students in the recital on the back.
  • We also offer Teddy Bears wearing a recital theme t-shirt.


We offer on-going scholarships each year to children whose parents’ financial situation would otherwise prevent them from participating in dance. These students take reduced price classes at the studio continuing as long as the child is a student here or until their financial situation changes and they can pay tuition. Recipients are chosen based on financial need primarily, but also on student interest and dedication. This is my way to give back to the community. Decisions occur over the summer for recipients. If you would like to help out with their costume costs, please include a few extra dollars in your costume payment in January, noting so on your check or call us to add to your automatic credit charge. A few dollars from each of you could mean the difference in participating in our recital or not for some of them.


NOTE TO PRE-COMPANY/COMPANY/COMPETITIVE DANCERS: Remember that you will all need the required makeup before your first performance. This includes company, competitors and all pre-company students (even if not competing as they will need it for recital). You will purchase your make-up kit from us at the desk. The company kits will be $85 and they include 5 sets of eyelashes. Non-company kits will be $70 as they do not need eyelashes. There is a video on YouTube demonstrating how to apply the make-up. Please purchase the make up in advance so you have time to watch AND practice application of the new make-up before your first performance. (Those who purchased a kit last year and need only certain replacement items should order these through the studio by Dec. 14. Any required makeup kits or partial kits will be automatically charged for in February if not previously paid for. You may not pick up makeup without having paid for it.

ALL COMPETITORS: Competition schedule and deadlines will be sent out soon. Solos/duets will need to sign up for the first competition by December 14.

STUDIO COMPETITION PREMIER SHOWCASE: Our studio showcase day to perform our competitive dances in full costume/makeup in front of an audience for the first time will be Sunday, February 4th (approx. 1-6pm). We will get “judges” to give us some comments. We will be holding this competitive showcase at Bartlett Performing Arts Center so the kids get more of a real performance feel. There will be a charge for solos, duets, etc., but not groups. There will be an admission fee for audience members as well (dancers only will be admitted free). Those performing will be: company comp groups, mini comp groups, any solos/duets that sign up (and possibly a Sr. class dance).

YOUNG COMPETITION GROUPS: The Young Competition Groups will remain in the same time slot for 2nd semester. Please be practicing over the holidays (you may bring a blank CD or thumb drive to the desk to get a copy of the cut music). You will continue to pay $50.50 through April as your total was broken into even payments and not based on the current month’s activities. These rehearsals will be over after the last competition.

COMPANY COMPETITION GROUPS: You will continue to use Thursday nights to rehearse beginning immediately in January. Please regularly check the bulletin board as some weeks we may alter the schedule. You will continue paying your monthly payments through April.

FALL SEMESTER PRIVATE STUDENTS: Students who have learned their solo, duet, etc. during fall semester will need to sign up for a 2nd semester time slot to perfect and polish their dances. If you have more than one dance, you need to sign up for more than one time slot. YOU MUST SIGN UP FOR A TIME SLOT AGAIN. DO NOT ASSUME YOU WILL KEEP THE SAME ONE AS FIRST SEMESTER. You may share this time slot with another student, but there should not be more than 3 dances rehearsed during one slot although only 2 is recommended. If you do not wish to share a time slot or only want 2 dances to be rehearsed then you may cross out the additional spaces on the signup sheet. Total payment for each 30 minute time slot is $24 per lesson (dividable by dances if sharing). Payment is due BEFORE each lesson. Please pay ahead of time for several lessons rather than waiting for me to bill you for small amounts. Those on automatic credit card monthly charges will have the polishing fee added to their monthly payment. The same rules apply as first semester: If you are absent, you are still responsible for payment since you signed up for the time (If you work something out with the other person in the time slot with you that is fine, but tell us). Teachers may not reschedule at different times unless a studio activity interferes with your time or they must cancel, but not by student’s request. These classes will begin in January as soon as we re-open after the holidays. You may begin signing up on Nov. 27. Deadline for sign up is Dec. 14.

SUMMER PRIVATE STUDENTS: Those who learned their solo, duet, etc. over the summer and are NOT currently in a polishing slot will need to rent studio space (for $10 per half hour) at least three times before the Holiday Break. (as stated on the summer contract you signed). Please call or stop at the desk ASAP to reserve your times.

STUDENT CHOREOGRAPHY ROUTINES: All music must be approved through Mrs. Tracy before you begin working on it. Make sure all songs are cut to under 2:45 but closer to 2:00 is better. All dances must be worked on with a teacher during 2nd semester polishing times. We must see what you are doing and approve of it as well as help you work on your technique. You may also receive some guidance with your choreography. Make sure to fill out our competition dance chart for your dance (answering things like style, tricks, lip-syncing, etc.) for competitions that do not have a student choreography division.

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