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Recital Souvenirs


Order all three for one discounted price of $65. Order by April 27th.

DVDs: We will have a professional videographer at the recital. Order a video of the show. It will last a lifetime! Videos will be delivered to the studio 4-6 weeks after the show. Call us in July for exact times to pick up. Cost is $40. Orders accepted through show day.

T-SHIRTS: Our recital theme “There’s No Place Like Home” will be printed on the front with the recital logo (a yellow brick road winding under the Memphis Bridge) and all students’ names will be on the back. Shirts will be blue with yellow and dark blue print this year. Cost is $20. Order your preferred size by April 27th.

Plush Grizzly Bears: Dark brown, 10 inch stuffed bear will be wearing blue t-shirts with our show logo. It’s the gift for your child that will be cherished much longer than flowers. Cost is $18. Orders accepted through April 27th.

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