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Tumbling Classes Observation Days

Tumbling Classes

The week of April 26th – April 30th will be your last week of these classes since they do not have
routines in our recital. Observation Day will be held during normal class time for the following
classes on the last day of class: Tumbling 1, Tumbling 2, and Tumbling 3.

This will be done via Zoom (students will be in person and a zoom link for the parents to watch
will be sent). Please be aware the camera angle does not view the entire room the whole time,
but we will make our best efforts to adjust the angle and/or have the students take turns).

Your May tuition is adjusted to reflect the absence of this class. If you paid May’s tuition at
registration, this should have been accounted for. If you are on automatic credit card payment,
this will be accounted for

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