Class Descriptions

All students are placed in classes by the teachers according to age as well as ability and experience.  We understand that each and every child is different and that is why we give individual attention as well as group instruction in every class.  No audition is required.  (We feel children would not do their best in that stressful of a situation.)  After placing children in a class, if we feel they would do better (whether physically, emotionally, etc.) in a different class, we may move them after a few lessons.

Non-Competitive Classes

AGES 2-3 (45 min classes) (Pre-Dance or Dance With Me): Creative movement with pre-ballet steps is taught with patience for the young child’s pace of learning. Children acclimate to the structure of a classroom, while still being young and exploratory. Non-performing.

AGES 3-4 (1 hr classes) (Levels 1 and 2): Combo classes including ballet, tap, jazz and tumbling. We teach with a great deal of stories and games to peak the children’s interest and help comprehension. These levels will perform once in our annual recital.

AGES 5-7 (1 hr classes) (Levels 3, 4 and 5): Combo classes of ballet, tap and jazz that learn the building blocks of dance. While still taught with child friendly metaphors, they begin to learn more steps and technique. Two dances will be performed in our recital.

AGES 7+ (1 1/2 hr classes) (Levels 5.5-7): These combo classes of ballet, tap and jazz (Level 7 is jazz/tap) begin to move into more complicated combinations as well as advanced steps. Flexibility, strength, endurance and dedication begin to factor into these developmental years. Two dances will be performed in our recital.

HIP HOP CLASSES (ages 6& up): Divided by age and level, these classes incorporate popular, current dance moves with age appropriate music. Emphasizing fun and athleticism, our hip hop specialist will include stretching, strengthening and tricks with choreography.

Technique Classes (non-performing)

TUMBLING CLASSES (ages 5-18): These classes include the basics of floorwork gymnastics. Strength and flexibility will be improved and the children will have fun learning tricks. There are three levels of tumbling classes.

ACRO CLASSES (for company dancers): Dance is incorporated as students learn to connect tumbling within choreography. Tumbling skills are continued to be developed. There are two levels of classes divided by skill.

BALLET TECHNIQUE CLASSES (ages 8 & up): These classes study alignment, rotation, more advanced steps and combinations. They are much more detailed and in depth than the combo classes. Pointe classes are offered to advanced students with teacher approval. These classes are required at the PreCompany and Company levels. There are four levels available.

PreCompany & Company Classes

PRE-COMPANY (ages 8-11 with experience): This level takes a 1 1/2 hr jazz/tap class and is required to attend ballet technique classes as well. This is the transition level from recreational to our competitive company classes. They perform two dances in recital in addition to our character ballet. See Company & Competition for more information on competitive opportunities.

COMPANY CLASSES (ages 10-18): Our Company classes are included in our extra activities and offer many additional opportunities and options including competitions, shows, educational trips, and much more. Difficult steps, complicated combinations, quicker learning, body toning, and increasing responsibility is developed in these classes. Jazz, Tap, Ballet and Contemporary classes are required. Pointe, Acro, and Hip Hop classes and a Variety rotational class are optional. They attend competitions and perform several dances in our annual recital including our annual character ballet. We offer several additional competitive opportunities at the company level including production rehearsals, small competition groups and private choreography (solos, duets, trios). See Company & Competition for more details.