Class Registration FAQs & Forms

Fall registration for our school year weekly program typically opens late July and continues throughout the first semester. Summer camp registration typically opens late March. Please see our registration note or summer note for current details.

Cash, check, visa, mastercard and discover.

For several reasons including safety and classroom management, our classes are closed. Only the students and staff will be in the room during class. We do have a closed circuit television system that will show 3 out of 4 of our rooms to assure you of their safety and learning.

For short/quick interactions, they can be available before/after class during class transitions. However for more in depth needs, please stop by the desk or email Ms. Tracy. We understand some conversations can be done by email, some by phone, and some may need in person interaction. We can help in all these ways and will find a way/time to dedicate to your need.

At DAB we find both technique and performance important. The first semester typically focuses on technique, skills, steps, foster love of dance, etc. The second semester we take that technique and use it to develop choreography, connecting steps together, performance skills, transitions etc. 

If you would like to print and fill out forms to bring with you, you will need the Registration Application, Release Form and one Payment Plan.