Class Schedule

2023-24 Class Schedule

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ClassAge / LevelDay & TimeInstructor
Ballet Technique 1ages 8-12Monday 4:45-5:45Aiyanna LaRue
Ballet Technique 2ages 9-14 with teacher permissionMonday 5:45-6:45Aiyanna LaRue
Level 6 comboages 8-11; age 8 must have current experienceMonday 6:45-8:15Amanda O’Rourke
Level 3 & 4 comboages 5-6Monday 4:30-5:30Amanda O’Rourke
Level 1 & 2 comboages 3-4Monday 5:30-6:30Amanda O’Rourke
Kids Hopages 6-9Monday 6:30-7:15Brennley Scarborough
Hip Hop 2ages 11 & upMonday 7:15-8:15Brennley Scarborough
Ballet Technique 3ages 11 & up with teacher permissionMonday 5:30-6:30Jessie Tretter
Pointe 1with teacher permissionMonday 6:30-7:15Jessie Tretter
Senior Company Balletwith teacher permissionMonday 7:15-8:30Jessie Tretter
Pointe 2 & 3with teacher permissionMonday 8:30-9:15Jessie Tretter
PreCompany jazz/tapages 8-12 with teacher permissionMonday 4:30-6:00Kim Jenkins
Tumbling 3ages 8-11 with teacher permissionMonday 6:00-6:45Kim Jenkins
Level 5.5 comboages 7-8 with teacher permissionMonday 6:45-8:15Kim Jenkins
Level 1 & 2 comboages 3-4Tuesday 4:15-5:15Amanda O’Rourke
PreDanceages 2-3Tuesday 5:15-6:00Amanda O’Rourke
Level 3 & 4 comboages 5-6Tuesday 6:00-7:00Amanda O’Rourke
Level 7 jazz/tapages 11 & upTuesday 7:00-8:30Amanda O’Rourke
Junior company tapwith teacher permissionTuesday 5:30-6:15Tracy Hannon & Rachael Arnwine
JrEtte Company jazz/contemporarywith teacher permissionTuesday 5:30-7:00Kim Jenkins
JrEtte Company tapwith teacher permissionTuesday 7:00-7:45Tracy Hannon & Rachael Arnwine
SrEtte Company tapwith teacher permissionTuesday 6:15-7:00Tracy Hannon & Rachael Arnwine
SrEtte Company jazz/contemporarywith teacher permissionTuesday 7:00-8:30Kim Jenkins
Senior Company tapwith teacher permissionTuesday 7:45-8:30Tracy Hannon & Rachael Arnwine
Ballet Technique 2ages 9-14 with teacher permissionTuesday 4:30-5:30Aiyanna LaRue
Ballet Technique 1ages 8-12Tuesday 5:30-6:30Aiyanna LaRue
Ballet Technique 1ages 8-12Tuesday 6:30-7:30Aiyanna LaRue
Level 1 & 2 comboages 3-4Wednesday 4:45-5:45Alexandria Riding
Level 3 & 4 comboages 5-6Wednesday 5:45-6:45Alexandria Riding
Level 5 comboages 7-8Wednesday 6:45-7:45Alexandria Riding
Kids Hopages 6-9Wednesday 4:30-5:15Brennley Scarborough
Hip Hop 1ages 8-12Wednesday 5:15-6:15Brennley Scarborough
Hip Hop 2ages 8-12Wednesday 7:15-8:15Brennley Scarborough
Hip Hop 3ages 12 & up with teacher permissionWednesday 6:15-7:15Brennley Scarborough
Junior Company jazz/contemporarywith teacher permissionWednesday 4:30-6:15Kim Jenkins & Rachael Arnwine
Tumbling 1ages 5-8Wednesday 6:15-7:00Kim Jenkins
PreCompany jazz/tapages 8-12 with teacher permissionWednesday 6:15-7:45Rachael Arnwine
Senior company jazz/contemporarywith teacher permissionWednesday 7:45-9:30Kim Jenkins & Rachael Arnwine
Level 2.5 comboages 4-5 with teacher permissionThursday 4:45-5:45Amanda O’Rourke
Dance with Meages 2-3 accompanied by parentThursday 5:45-6:30Amanda O’Rourke
Level 3 & 4ages 5-6Thursday 6:30-7:30Amanda O’Rourke
Ballet Technique 2ages 9-14 with teacher permissionThursday 7:30-8:30Amanda O'Rourke
Tumbling 1ages 5-8Thursday 4:30-5:15Katye Baker
Tumbling 2ages 7-9 with teacher permissionThursday 5:15-6:00Katye Baker
Level 4.5 comboages 6-7 with teacher permissionThursday 5:00-6:00Kim Jenkins
Production rehearsalcompany membersThursday 6:00-7:30Kim Jenkins & Tracy Hannon
Competition group rehearsalscompany membersThursday 7:30-9:00Kim Jenkins, Tracy Hannon & Rachael Arnwine
Acro 1company membersFriday 4:30-5:30Kim Jenkins
Advanced Dance Rotationscompany membersFriday 5:30-7:00Kim Jenkins & Rachael Arnwine
Acro 2company members with teacher permissionFriday 7:00-8:00Kim Jenkins
Level 1 & 2 comboages 3-4Saturday 10:30-11:30Amanda O’Rourke
Level 5 comboages 7-8Saturday 11:30-12:30Amanda O’Rourke
Level 3 & 4 comboages 5-6Saturday 12:30-1:30Amanda O’Rourke