Recital FAQs

We try to make the transition from the classroom to the stage as seamless as possible. First, the kids dance in front of other kids to get used to having an audience but still in the comfortable studio space and only with other kids. Then we change the environment and let them get used to the new space. This process is important for the most successful experience for the kids. The studio rehearsals are important but not mandatory so if you absolutely cannot arrange your schedule, and have to miss one, we understand. The stage rehearsal is required and mandatory in order to be in the show. That is why the show and rehearsal dates are announced in the fall so that everyone has the opportunity to make arrangements to be there.

No, they are only for the kids. You will drop off just like classes, however, there will be no CCTV for the rehearsals and we don’t recommend staying in the lobby as there will be a lot of classes coming at once.

No, an adult needs to come in and stay with them as there are many classes that will be there and we will not be working with their class primarily. The adult will also learn what to do on show day and how to get around.

First, that’s normal! Second, if they don’t mention it don’t bring it up. Third, if they do, encourage them to be brave. Remind them that they are ready and know what to do. If they struggle separating from parents, don’t stay around after they are ready and starting to line up. Let them have time to adjust to being away from parents. If they have ever been to an amusement park, you can remind them when they saw a ride that made them nervous but they were brave and tried it and it turned out to be fun. That is what recitals are like too. And last, let the teacher (or line up mom)  try to handle it and don’t feel bad. It’s part of our job and we are pretty good at it.

No, just come in dancewear but don’t forget your dance shoes. We like to keep to save the costumes for the show to make it super special. That also eliminates the risk of losing a costume part at the rehearsal.

There is a parking garage under the convention center. The day of the show you will have to pay for parking ($10 I think) but often as long as there are not other events happening, they will not charge for parking during rehearsals.

The Cannon Center is the part of the convention center that is the theatre. It is located on the corner closest to the river at Front St. and Poplar with the giant metal “toilet looking” statue outside. You can enter though the glass walled lobby from the Poplar side from either Front St or N. Main. You can also come in through the parking garage and walk through the building. You may NOT enter through the loading dock behind the theatre.

No, with all the stops and starts that would take too long. We try to get each class to arrive, dance, hear any announcements and then dismiss them in a few hours so that everyone. So during the show, pay close attention to when your child dances and which dance goes first if in more than one (this information is on your costume direction note)

We encourage but do not require makeup for all our recreational classes (Levels 1-7 and Hip Hop). The PreCompany and Company classes ARE required to wear makeup in specified colors and application. Once stage lights hit the face, it washes out the features. Makeup enhances the facial features so that expressions can be seen. We are not trying to make young girls look like grown women at all. We suggest red lipstick, blush and some neutral colored eyeshadow for the very young, then add eye liner and mascara as they are just little older.

Our PreCompany and Company classes have a required hairstyle but the recreational classes (Levels 1-7, and hip hop) do not. We suggest everyone have some hair pulled up and out of the face (bun, ponytail, half up/half down) so that you have something to clip the hairpieces to.

We try to teach respect for the theatre and performing arts and part of that is keeping the costumes for the stage only.

Tights are considered a dancer’s underwear. We require tights for most all costumes. There is no need for a second layer under the costumes. In addition, when panties slide out from the leg line of a beautiful costume it is just tacky looking and we want all the kids to look and feel their best. Hip Hop classes and boys can wear underwear under costumes since they are in longer pants usually.

Food is not allowed in the auditorium. All food must be kept in the lobby. Outside food is not allowed in on show day as there will be concessions sold by the Cannon Center. The dancers in the advanced classes that are in all three shows are allowed to have meals between shows in the loading dock in the back of the theatre. Please do not bring food or colored drinks into the dressing rooms to avoid ruining costumes.